Storm of War

January 2022: Airfield Supression, “vulching” and “spawn camping”

Clarifications regarding Airfield Supression, “vulching” and “spawn camping” On Storm of War, “spawn camping” and “vulching” are explicitly allowed by the server rules. For many players, this concept is new or un-familiar. Many players are used to the… Read More

January 2022: SoW Stats Changes – Work in Progress

Here is a short update on some of the stats-related work that the SoW team have been developing over the past couple of months and is now getting ready for release onto the server. RIBBONS:We are overhauling the… Read More

December 2021: Disconnecting

Storm of War has decided to clarify and update the rules regarding player disconnects. As of December 2021:Deliberately disconnecting from the server while in control of a moving aircraft is prohibited on the Storm of War server. Pilots… Read More

Messerschmitt Me 262: Is there a place for it on SoW Normandy?

Recently we posted an article about the F4U-1D Corsair, and its possible inclusion on the Storm of War server (link). But what about the Messerschmitt Me 262? The short answer: Yes, as Kommando Schenck, KG51 The long answer:… Read More