Storm of War

November 2020: YoungGun’s Guide to Buying DCS WW2 modules

A helpful guide to buying WW2 modules for DCS

November 2020: Player Interview with Burrito

We chatted with “Burrito” about DCS warbirds, and his time as a Tornado Pilot with the RAF

November 2020: Why not Channel Map?

Dietrich details some of the reasons why Storm of War is not hosting missions on the DCS Channel map . . .

OCTOBER 2020: Change the RADAR and Change the World

Recently, the in-mission RADAR was updated. It is no longer possible to request a RADAR report “on demand” via the F10 menu. Rather, at set intervals (currently testing 5 and 6 minutes) the server will automatically populate a… Read More

JULY 2020: Did You Know? – Spitfire

Joker talks us through some of the less well known features added to the DCS Mark IX Spitfire

JULY 2020: Player interview with Fenrir

We interviewed “Fenrir”, kicking off a series of player interviews where we hope to share knowledge and insights within the SW community