Storm of War

January 2021: Sow Medals Investiture for December 2020

SQUADRON AWARDS/ CITATIONS New in January 2021, virtual squadrons will now be recognised as a “unit” for contributions over a longer period (each half year). This recognition comes in the form of “unit citations” which all pilots within… Read More

December 2020: Sow Medals Investiture for November

The following pilots have received the below awards for their performance in November 2020. 13 Ribbons of each type were awarded for the month (based on the number of players who managed 10+ hours flying on the server)…. Read More

November 2020: YoungGun’s Guide to Buying DCS WW2 modules

A helpful guide to buying WW2 modules for DCS

November 2020: Player Interview with Burrito

We chatted with “Burrito” about DCS warbirds, and his time as a Tornado Pilot with the RAF

November 2020: Why not Channel Map?

Dietrich details some of the reasons why Storm of War is not hosting missions on the DCS Channel map . . .

OCTOBER 2020: Change the RADAR and Change the World

Recently, the in-mission RADAR was updated. It is no longer possible to request a RADAR report “on demand” via the F10 menu. Rather, at set intervals (currently testing 5 and 6 minutes) the server will automatically populate a… Read More

JULY 2020: Did You Know? – Spitfire

Joker talks us through some of the less well known features added to the DCS Mark IX Spitfire

JULY 2020: Player interview with Fenrir

We interviewed “Fenrir”, kicking off a series of player interviews where we hope to share knowledge and insights within the SW community