SoW DCS Server Changelog

The page provides a breakdown of all the updates/ changes made to the server and the mission set. Expand each section in order to see the updates made for that version.

v77 – 02 September 2020

Adjusted flak to account for recent ED updates to BOFORs guns

v76 – 30 August 2020

Minor updates for improved LotATC functionality
All Player P47s in France updated to have the Benajmin Mayo skin with invasion stripes

V73, 74 and 75 – 27 August 2020

MAJOR MISSION UPDATES to all missions.
In order to facilitate the introduction of LotATC as the server’s Air Group Controllers / Ground Controlled Interception tool, the following changes are made to all missions:
The JTAC roles have been updated to provide ONLY visual information (no F10 map icons) at a specific set of airfield locations. This is designed to allow players to act as airfield traffic control, via Combined Arms, using the “Fire Control Bunkers” as Control Towers.
F10 Map Fog of War has been added. Unit visibility is set to allies only. All units EXCEPT for the “driveable” units are set to hidden. The only units the JTAC will see on the F10 map are the ground units which they can take physical control of. Aircraft will not be visible on the F10 map for JTAC roles any more.
The bullseyes for both sides have been moved to the same location. Mention of that location has been added to the missions briefing. Placement of the bullseye is dependent on the specific target and unit orientation for that mission date.
All AI formation pilots have been renamed with an “AI” prefix. A full description of the new
RADAR and CONTROLLER functions is available here:
Weather has been updated for all missions. Turbulent air will be present on all missions where there is wind above 3 m/s. Turbulence will scale based on wind speed and historical conditions for that day. Turbulence will be most obvious at low levels and reduces towards 5000ft/ 1800m. Flying at low altitudes will therefore be increasingly difficult on windy days.

v71 & v72 – 07 August 2020

P51 blk 30s all replaced with blk 25s Wingman
spawns at Evreaux all moved closer to RWY 06 threshold
Checked and fixed aircraft names at Beuzeville
Fixed formations and skins at Ford airfield
Changed spawn locations of flights at Ford
Updated some ground units to better reflect country vehicles and tank mix
Added new message to mission endings, suggesting that player leave and rejoin server

v70 – 02 August 2020

Allied RADAR / JTAC interface adjusted slightly to remedy an un-wanted blind spot
All A20 raids adjusted to better suit how DCS treats these assets

v68 – 01 August 2020

Complete re-work of flak at LSM, St. Pierre, Beuzeville and St.Croix.
Fixed Utah beach coastal bofors unit placement, guns are no longer sunk into craters.

Thanks to Saint, Kondor, Wiggy and Burrito (Discord IDs) for testing the flak

v67 – 31 July 2020

1. All morning missions now start after 0500. This should mean that the AI no longer stays in “sleep” mode for the entire mission. Flak should now fire. AI should react to hostile assets. Once ED fix the AI, these can go back to their proper start times (pre sunrise)
2. Flak layouts at LSM, Brucheville, St Pierre du Mont, St Croix all updated slightly to check gun positions and skill levels. This is a temporary measure whilst we have some people (hopefully) testing some new flak ideas.

v 64, 65 & 66 – July 27 2020

Improved Matches to historical weather based on UK Met reports and update briefing
Added turbulence on windy days
Checked and removed FW190 A8 pylons
Add Axis low level flak in some locations
Add Allied low level flak from June 13th
Updated Blue Falaise flak battery
Set static a/c to “hidden” – so JTAC won’t see them
Vrigny Dora skins updated
Goulet Dora skins and tail numbers updated
Anton tail numbers updated
Re-worked flak at Lessay, Argentan and Goulet
Moved a static aircraft at Goulet off the hillside

v63 – 18 July 2020

RADAR scripting updated to include a delay for controller response as well as updating information for “merged” contacts
All scripts moved out from mission file pack to improve mission load times and allow for faster server upates in future

General Server and mission update – 13 July 2020

General Server maintenance done.
SRS updated to v1.9.0.2
Minor changes made to some June 10-June14 missions (allied ordnance)
Fixed one mission date/ time to be consistent

v62 – 25 June 2020

All missions updated to version 62.

Liveries for all P51 mustangs updated.
All USAAF P51s in France will have one of the Drab olive liveries with the invasion stripes.
US P51s in England will now have 8th Air force styled blue-nose liveries.
All P51 squadron names updated to match historical units/ All P51 aircraft codes updated to match historical squadron ID codes.

New Mission: JUNE 18th added to server Mission overview added to website:

v61 – 17 June 2020

All missions updated to v61,
Removed all static aircraft parked north side RWY on the downslope at St. Laurent sur mer. Checked Rockets at Beuzevile for late missions to match briefing 12 June AM,
Moved US 7th infantry to a position east of Montebourg and update brief to reflect historical position of the unit on that day
Changed a southern Flak unit to long range 3x 88mm 41s
All RCAF spitfire at St.Croix are now clipped wing
Corrected some spelling errors in mission briefings

v56 – 04 June 2020

P47s are now available.
8x P47 at St. Pierre du Mont. 366th FG “BZ” aircraft
12x P47 at Funtington. 358th FG “IA” aircraft

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