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First light  

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        I have a book called “First Light” by Geoffrey Wellum.


It’s a good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The book starts with a seventeen years old asking his father's

permission to join the life and death struggle in the sky over London.

       While trawling through “YouTube” I stumbled upon a video

of the same name. Naar I thought it couldn’t be, must be a rip off,

but no it’s a long lost but nice, if a little old movie that’s definitely

worth a look.

You may have already seen it but if not it's worth a look.


     Top gun it ain’t thank god, it’s not even the “Battle of Britain”

It’s just a story of an eighteen years old doing the best he can to

stay alive till it’s over.

     You will need a quiet hour or thereabouts.     I know, I know  there

is no such word as “abouts” who cares? 

  Here is the link,


Posted : 17/09/2020 11:21 am
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