SoW Funding and Donations

The Storm of War server is funded by the server owners and the generous contributions from the playing community.

Click the little yellow button below to donate via Paypal

If you are a member of the SoW Discord, and you’d like to be added to the “Supply and Logistics” category in recognition of your support, please send a message to one of the discord admins with your discord user name and the reference number for the donation.

The image below provides an indication of the current SoW balance. It also indicates how long the server is funded for based on that current balance. This image is only updated every 2 weeks, so it may lag behind the most recent donations. A breakdown of the running costs for SoW is provided above the chart.

Click Here for a Breakdown of the Monthly SoW Running costs

The following monthly costs are all in Euros.


Managed from Germany:
Server Rental from (AX41 Rootserver) – 72.04
WordPress – 21.00
Two main domains ( and – 3.00

Managed from Finland:
Stats Server electrical power – 10.01
Stats Domain ( – 1.58
Stats hosting – 5.50

Chart updated twice monthly. Current as as 07 MAY 2021

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