January 2022: SoW Stats Changes – Work in Progress

Here is a short update on some of the stats-related work that the SoW team have been developing over the past couple of months and is now getting ready for release onto the server.

We are overhauling the ribbons award system. Ribbons for players will no longer be awarded on a monthly basis. They will now be quarterly. This means that the first ribbons for 2022 will be awarded at the end of March and will cover the period JAN – MAR 2022.

Campaigns will continue to be monthly. It would simply to too much to ask of our stats system to hold onto more than a month’s worth of data at a time.
As a result of this work, all previous ribbons will be “replaced” on pilot records by a single ribbon which will be “pipped” according to the pilot records.
This player profile update is likely to occur before the end of Q1, 2022.

We are working to add a new ribbon type to the awards which will focus on “task” completion (as opposed to “kill” counts). This might or might not be ready for the first quarter. The ribbons work will tie in with other mission-related elements that have been overhauled including how bomber formation spawning and escort works, how our GCIs (our ground-based aircraft controllers) operate, how ground targets are completed and how we recognise recon and other tasks.

We are building a system which can record the location, altitude-above-ground and airspeed of all players when they bailout.
With this data we can do the following:

  1. Calculate whether or not the pilot would have survived the bailout in the first place, allowing us to replace those insane low-level “saves” with a pilot death, and
  2. Calculate the distance from the front line, allowing us to add in a graduated % chance of being captured for players who bailout behind enemy lines.
    Once completed, this work will mean we can revise the player career system also. Five (successful) bail outs will no longer be equivalent to a death for the purposes of the awards system.

We also hope this will encourage players to climb for altitude and to attempt to vector back towards friendly lines when damaged in order to increase their chances of both survival and not being captured.
This should go a long way towards a “fix” (at least for stats purposes) for the wholy sub-standard bailout system that DCS currently has in place.

Header Image provided by Magic Zach.

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