SoW – Eagle Dynamics state of delivery and product maintenance communications

Many SoW users may have noticed that in recent weeks we have been more vocal about communicating issues and long standing bugs or deficiencies with the software that Eagle Dynamics has provided.

In it’s current state there are a significant number of long standing bug reports fort many of the software modules that have been sold and purchased and are being deployed by SoW. A list of these bugs for the FW190-A8 simulation alone have been posted on the SoW .info website which you can read here:

Dietrich in particular has been writing detailed, careful bug reports for years now (example: ), with historical references, .trk files, instructions on how to repeat the tests, etc., etc.. The response has been underwhelming. Bugs have remained in the same state as far as the customer is concerned, for not months, but years. It is difficult to image how much clearer and detailed the identification of product issues needs to be articulated before it can be understood and resolved by the software developer.

There is now significant concern from much of the user-base that additional new modules being developed Eagle Dynamics (Such as the F6) are going to further limit the amount of effort to deliver on the incumbent projects. Among the apparently neglected deliverables are a significant number of aerial AI-only assets which includes (but is not limited to) the B-25, C-47 109G variant .

I often think of the 2018 “SoW Wishlist” video which set out a set of desired product improvements that were considered important (if not critical) for building a server-based simulation like we have with SoW. It is somewhat disheartening to see how many of those things remain incomplete. However, most of these items are wish-list requests. At the core of the current communications from SoW is the desire to see core “broken” elements of the existing software finally fixed.

To that end, regular communication of critical product bugs will be posted on the SoW .info website.

We also encourage the user community to continue engaging with the supplier, Eagle Dynamics vie any public or private channels you have access to. The hopeful result being that this long list of historically reported platform issues can be resolved as soon as possible.

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