Storm of War

SoW Community Normandy Map Survey results

The poll asking the community for their wish-list of DCS Normandy map updates is now closed. The results are in. There were 157 unique user replies. Each unique voter cast 5 votes (max one vote per item). More… Read More

SoW player preferences for Normandy map updates

We have prepared a poll, taking in many bug reports and wish-list items that relate to the Normandy map. The plan is to collect “votes” from the SoW player base regarding their priority changes. We will then send… Read More

July 2021: DCS Map Comparison

Although the Storm of War server only uses the Normandy map, it is nevertheless interesting to compare the sizes of all the maps in DCS world.

July 2021: DCS Multiplayer Trains

In multiplayer WW2 DCS trains do not work. They do not appear correctly for all clients. They do not run correctly. In some cases, they simply do not appear at all. This is a MAJOR deficiency of the simulator, which has existed for years, and had led to a lot of frustrated customers.

July 2021: Why not Marianas Map?

In this article, we take a critical look at the Marianas Map and speculate if the WW2 version of it would be suitable for Storm of War.

SoW – Eagle Dynamics state of delivery and product maintenance communications

Many SoW users may have noticed that in recent weeks we have been more vocal about communicating issues and long standing bugs or deficiencies with the software that Eagle Dynamics has provided. In it’s current state there are… Read More

July 2021: Sow Medals Investiture for June 2021

SQUADRON AWARDS/ CITATIONS Since January 2021, virtual squadrons are recognised as a “unit” for contributions over a longer period (each half year). This recognition comes in the form of “unit citations” which all pilots within that squadron will… Read More

July 2021: Ground War

Exactly 77 years ago this month, a pitched battle was raging in Normandy. So this month we’re focusing on the ground war.