May 2021: Month end Update

This month was the second busiest month ever for the server in terms of both player numbers and hours flown.

6400+ hours of flight time were logged in May. This compares well to the 4200 hours from April and 6000 from March.

1449 unique DCS accounts logged on to SoW during the month. Around 300 players flew for 5 hours or more. This means that the vast majority of players are not flying much though, and we have a hardcore of pilots who keep the server populated. Part of this is probably explained by the rather brutal and unforgiving nature of the server, it is obvious from the stats and watching the trk file replays that newer players have a tough time on SoW. Unfortunately, the servers which are designed specifically to help provide a transition for newer players into the MP environment are not being as well patronised as we would like. We are exploring ways to try and promote those servers and other DCS WW2 online environments.

We are also thinking of ways to try and spread the “peak” of player numbers, which tends to be concentrated over a 3 to 4 hour period in the evenings in Europe. We’d like to see more activity in the evenings for the Americas. At the moment, the idea of getting some Americas/ Oceanic-based squadrons to join en masse during this time zone, perhaps one night per week, is something we are trying to explore.

We’ve now converted 9 of the old missions over to the 2.7 format. June will see a couple more added in also. We also have plans to increasingly track and provide stats on the completion of objectives and we are working on a basic system for rewarding the escort and interception of the medium and high altitude AI bomber raids.This might be trialled during June, however it is unlikely to be implemented until later in the year.

Stability wise, once the 2.7 OB was patched, the server has not crashed at all. In fact, this has now been the most stable the server has ever been. This has made server admin significantly less time consuming and stressful. So we have to take our hats off to ED for being so surgical with their response to the problem. Also a big thanks to the player base who reported issues and drew EDs attention to the problems we were having when the 2.7 patch was released.

4 Comments on “May 2021: Month end Update

  1. Excellent job, from California. Your server is where I go when on DCS.

  2. I’m one of the newbies that hasn’t flown much this month, but I’m working on getting on the server more often! It’s so much fun! Your all doing excellent work!

  3. Server is much more stable. Best performance I have seen for quite a while connecting from Australia. So
    Much fun dogfighting with the new clouds
    Great work to the SOW team and ED

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