MAY 2021: SoW server 2.7 Update

The launch of DCS 2,7 open beta was rough for a few servers, in particular who are hosting warbird missions on the Normandy map. Thankfully, we now appear to have a stable Open Beta. After two days of running the server on the patched 2.7 we are happy that things are stable now. We’ve not had a crash at all since the patch. Thanks go out to the team at ED, including BigNewy and Nineline for tracking the bug reports and Rik who contacted us directly with some tools to help diagnose the issue. Also, thanks to:

  • SpecialK for his support testing and coordinating bug reports.
  • LFDM Maxime for sharing ideas and helping test one of our missions on the LFDM hardware.
  • The guys from JG3 for giving up time to test/ diagnose issues with us.
  • Burrito and Mr red for putting in some time painstakingly doing mission edits.
  • The player base for being supportive and especially to those players who provided bug reports/ data directly to ED (Gili, LeLv8_Archi, Nirvi).

Now Dietrich and I can get back to the slightly less stressful business of SoW maintenance, at least until the next thing breaks 🙂

You may have noticed a limited mission set remains on the server. This is because we are re-building every mission from the ground up now. We tested a complete mission rebuild as part of the diagnostics during the crash-period. It turned out to not be the fix we had hoped for, but on the upside – doing this has greatly improved the efficiency, consistency and load times of our missions so we are going to rebuild all of them up to the version 100 standard over the next few weeks or months.

Dietrich has also been able to improve some aspects of the stats coding in the interim too, so the down time has had other benefits for SoW as a whole.

The next steps will be to get LotATC working again soon, so that our team of controllers can jump into the plotting room and vector everyone about the heavens.

Luxta bellum, venit tempestas!

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