March 2020: Monday Night Might Need More Knights

Monday 08th March 2021. All was quiet. All was calm.

Suddenly a horde of nearly 20 red-team players arrived on the server. It was the unashamedly red-to-the-core European Air Force (EAF), and, Monday night is their squad flight night. They arrived, intent on raiding and asserting air supremacy.

The poor old blue team were caught with their pants down somewhat. There were few who are brave (or should we say foolish!) enough to attempt tackling this force alone. But the general reaction from the blue team was probably to steer clear!

The SoW discord was quick to see what is going on, but it’s not clear if the reaction was delight or despair!

It was at this point that a response somehow managed to half organise itself on discord. Within 30 minutes or so, some balance had been restored with 15 or so blue team player deciding to jump on and meet the EAF threat.

The word from our informants is that we can expect a repeat of this from EAF on a regular basis on Monday evenings, around 2000 Central European time.

If that is true, then Monday’s are shaping up as the idea time for a couple of Blue team squadrons to organise themselves also.

The result could be some almighty scraps of epic proportions. . . .

2 Comments on “March 2020: Monday Night Might Need More Knights

  1. Good Report.
    A Red player who was raiding yesterday

  2. Epic indeed ,.superb fights , looking forward to mondays now 🤩👌

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