January 2021: Campaign Ribbons Explained

The Storm of War pilot stats pages provide space for the various campaign ribbons that a player has won to be displayed. This is an explanation of how the ribbons are awarded.

The total number of ribbons awarded per month is equal to 15% of the number of players who flew for 10 hours or more. So, if 100 players flew for 10 hours+, then 15 ribbons in each category will be awarded. If 200 players flew for 10 hours+, then 30 ribbons in each category will be awarded.

There are three categories
Air to Air – based on victories against other aircraft versus “careers” flown
Ground attack – based on the number of enemy ground units destroyed versus “careers” flown
Maritime Strike – based on the ships sunk by the player versus “careers” flown
The same number of ribbons are awarded in each category.

Players who fly 10+ hours in the month are sorted by their kill:career ratio in each category. Once the sorting is done, the number of ribbons to be awarded (x) in that month are awarded to the (x) top players by K:C ratio. Pilots start each month with 1 career 1 death is counted as a further “career” 5x bailouts are also counted as a further “career” .
So, if 25 ribbons are being awarded, then the top 25 players in each category get a ribbon.

The ribbons are intended to look historically neutral in that they do not mimic real world medal ribbons from either Axis or Allied sides. We don’t want to copy real world medals for two reasons:
1. Out of respect for the real thing,
2. Due to potential political debates about the appropriateness of certain awards and imagery.
By designing our own ribbons we can also have the flexibility we need to recognise the types of gameplay that matter for SoW.
Each category of ribbon has a “similar” design, so the colour scheme of the ribbons indicates the category. For example, Maritime Ribbons make heavy use of dark blue and purple colours. The image below provides a visual guide to the ribbon designs.

Furthermore, each month of the year has one campaign ribbon per category, which means a maximum of 36 (12×3) ribbons are available in a year. In subsequent years, if a pilot is awarded the same campaign ribbon again, a “PIP” is added to the ribbon, as shown below. There is room for up to 4 pips (5 awards of the same ribbon).

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