January 2021: HexenJager’s Tips on Flying the Dora (FW-190 D9)

The following is a brief set up tips about flying and fighting in the Fw-190 D9 from Hexenjager. These are based on some posts over at the SoW Discord.

Generally speaking, my advice with the Dora is to stay above 500 kph as much as possible in combat, obviously stick to the basic rules of “Boom n’ Zooming” with the 190. If you have to turn for whatever reason, make sure your RPM is under 3000, as otherwise the engine torque is severe enough that your energy state will suffer badly.

Combat/takeoff flaps can lower your stall speed a bit if you really need it to pull lead on a target, and it can even get you through a tight (by 190) standards turn okay, but generally speaking you’ll end up slow enough to become a target for everyone else in the neighborhood with not enough energy to escape.

The roll rate is your best defensive tool with the Dora. It’s very easy to roll out-of-plane with an attacker on your six, and I’ve had some good results with rolling-scissors, particularly against mustangs and thunderbolts. I’m not as familiar with them, but I have an impression that at low energy states they have a hard time pulling AoA sufficient to stay in a killing position on while you do this. I’ll even drop flaps to take-off for this. You’ll get slow but the guys on your six will be slower and have a harder time accelerating.

Obviously the best defensive tool is to stay fast, stay situationally aware and make good decisions to avoid that situation in the first place.

Gunnery-wise I don’t bother with the gyro-sight. It can mislead you in ways that sneak up on you in combat. If you see a round wing-shape you think is a P-47 and you set your wingspan for that and you get close and see it’s actually a spitfire, you’ll either have to take your attention off the fight or have a sight that’s feeding you inaccurate lead information.

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