November 2020: SoW Development Announcement

Dear SoW player community!

As you probably know, the our server hosting ability has been severely restricted over the past 3 or 4 weeks due to ISP/ Connection issues and some hardware constraints.

In order to try and resolve this in a way that incurred minimal cost and disruption, we have moved the hosting two times in the past fortnight to hardware provided by community members (thanks Arglmauf and iFoxRomeo). However, for various reasons, neither solution has proven would be a long term and reliable solution to all the issues we faced.

As a result, in order to keep SoW going, we have decided to move to rented hosting services.
We’ve had great help from Sockeye of 362 Sqn and the Clash of Wings server in order to be able to effect this.

The decision to move to a rented service is one that SoW admin have felt was not needed until now. In light of the recent ISP issues and concern to re-establish a reliable service
we now realise that this route is the best options available.

As of Saturday November 07 2020, the SoW server will be publicly available on the new service.

The main benefits of the move are as follows:

  • High quality and high speed connectivity
  • Easy scaling up and down of hosting hardware
  • Loads of additional data and monitoring services, some of which might significantly improve our ability to collect and display stats
  • Better integration of the various pieces of SoW infrastructure
  • Automated backups and security

The main cost of this move is . . cost. The financial burden of running SoW goes up.
We will be increasing our transparency regarding exactly what the costs of SoW are on a monthly basis as well as being transparent about how much we receive in donations in order to meet those costs.

For the present, there is no requirement to throw any money at SoW.
If you do plan to contribute, please give us a couple of weeks to confirm that the service we have chosen works for us and to disclose the costs etc to the community.

We hope you enjoy the new server setup.

Please let us know if you have any feedback.

4 Comments on “November 2020: SoW Development Announcement

  1. Thank you for the hard work you put into making this a GREAT place to fly WW2 in full realism. You guys Rock!

  2. Good plan. With the popularity of and demand for this type of multiplayer experience, performance and reliablity are critical so this decision is in my judgement, absolutely the correct one.


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