AUGUST 2020: Player Interview with Dusty44

How long have you been playing flight sims?
Over ten years now, although DCS is the only combat flight sim I have ever used for any considerable length of time. I have flown FSX and I’m keeping an eye on the new Microsoft flight sim as it looks beautiful and it may tempt me out the combat seat for the odd day.

What other gaming interests do you have besides WW2 flight simming?
Ive been gaming since ZX spectrum days. I love turn based strategy games HOI XCom etc. I played a lot of Pavlov (counterstrike VR) I also have a soft spot for KSP (Kerbal space program).

What’s your all time favorite flight sim and why?
Shock horror its DCS. Every time a new module is added i like to tinker and learn its quirks and features. I would say master them but I’m 10 years into DCS and still a beginner!

What got you into DCS and the warbrids in particular?
The A-10c got me into DCS, I’m ex armed forces and i still remember seeing (and hearing) the Hogs for the first time 18 years ago. I was determined to find the most accurate flight sim with them in. As for warbirds it was the stay at home sale video 3 months ago. At the very end of the video the 109 cruises past and it just sounded amazing so i picked it up, shortly followed by the rest of the warbirds. Looking back i cant believe it taken ten years for me to see that shooting missiles is cool but 150 yard gun kills is where the fun is.

Describe your play style/ what interests you as a player?
Complete mixed bag, if there are enemy players on I will hunt them, we will usually always go up to attack bombers and if there’s a quiet spell we will strap bombs on and either hit objectives, ships or airfields.

Are you in a virtual squadron?
I’m a member of JG53. We are all relatively new to warbirds and formed by chance after flying together a few times and linking up to take on tasks together. We are mainly 109s but our latest pilot (Burrito) likes his beloved FW-190 A8.

It has been noted from the Storm of War stats pages that you use the 109 for ground attack a lot and not the 190. Any tips for aspiring 109-Jabo pilots?
Watch your speed, the 109 controls get stiff if you are to fast and you will become a lawn dart. Delayed fuses can allow you to drop much lower in a shallow dive but this will expose you more to ground units returning fire. Above all practice, practice, practice.

What kind of rig/ hardware setup do you have?
16 Gigs Ram (next upgrade)
Index VR
Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas and rudder pedals
Old creaky chair.

Are you unhappy with any aspect of your setup right now that you’d change if you could?
I need a new gaming seat and 32GB of ram would be nice. Its always the poor old seat that gets neglected when everything else gets an upgrade!

What’s the single best piece of Hardware you ever bought to make DCS WW2 (or WW2 simming in general) more enjoyable?
VR transformed flight sims for me and i love my VR headset but could not imagine flying without a good Hotas. This again ties in to VR as you are essentially blind with the headset on so having everything mapped on a Hotas is essential.

What are your top THREE tips for new players?

  1. Read the briefing and check the map for friendly and enemy airfields. Knowing where the nearest friendly airfield is that you can run to for a repair and get some Flak cover is a lifesaver if you have taken damage or a fight starts to turn bad.
  2. Just like a poker game you have to know when to throw your cards. Not every situation you find yourself in will be favorable, don’t force a bad move. Its far better to disengage reform and re-attack.
  3. I could say SRS and a wing-man but I’m sure that’s been covered, so lastly i would just say have fun. Don’t beat yourself up

What is the single simplest/ lowest effort thing that ED can change about DCS WW2 to have the most positive impact right now?
All the Multiplayer issues with trains barrage balloons etc! Its great that the assets pack continues to grow but its a little frustrating that we cant use them in multiplayer. If I could wave a magic wand i would also make the Normandy map and Channel map merge as one uber map.

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